Before & After

Previous Testimonials:


-Heaviest weight 220 lbs

-Current weight 195 lbs

-Body Fat now 13% (was upwards of 20%)

-My body feels balanced

-Minimal aches and pains

-Feel like me if not BETTER!​

What does Kevin do?



-Weight Training​

-Corrective Exercise


-Cleaner eating

-Better supplementation

-Minimal to any alcohol

-Still enjoys food!

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Health Freaks Point of view:

If you are not truly ready to make a difference in your own life, don’t waste your money to hire a professional to motivate you.  The professional is there to coach you in the proper direction that you need.  Make sure to trust the process as things take longer than you will think.  Fitness and Nutrition are 100% of what you need to make your goals happen, only doing one will typically not get the results you want.  Sacrifices will have to be made!


Words of wisdom:

-Results will take longer than you want so don't get frustrated and keep moving forward!

-Get out of the mindset of trying to do everything all at once because it will cause too much stress to your body and mind.

-Piece by piece reframe what you want your lifestyle to be like and master 1-2 things at a time before moving on to something different.

-Overtraining is a real thing and causes too much stress on your body which will inhibit results.

Roswell, GA 30076

E-mail: Kevin@wickedhealthfreak.com

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