12-Week Slimdown




What To Expect:

- Lose 10+ pounds of body fat!

- Gain lean tissue to boost metabolism!

- Learn proper form and execution.

- Create new eating habits to keep the weight off!

- Graduate gently into the 12-Week Shred program.



What Do You Get:

- 12-week progressive Fitness Routine.

- Access to Health Freaks app!

- 12-week progressive Nutrition Coaching.

- Daily notifications to help with accountability.

-  Supplement coaching to help with weight loss and optimizing your body's full potential.


What Do You Need:

- Phone for app and photos.

- Body measurement device.

- Cardio equipment or outside cardio area.

- Fitness mat.

-  Swiss ball.

-  Foam roller.

-  Optional: dumbells, or medicine balls for extra resistance.

Roswell, GA 30076

E-mail: Kevin@wickedhealthfreak.com

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